The JM Centre of Excellence EU FInancial REsilience and REgulation – EUFIRE-RE is designed to enhance high performance in research, innovation and practical expertise, in the field of EU studies, focusing on regulation for financial resilience.

The project is based on the results of the JM Chair European Financial Regulation (2016-2019), and it will expand and built new research and teaching activities, fostering the dialogue between the academic world and local and state level policy makers, participants in the events of the project. The research themes address specific topics of the EU regulation for reshaping financial resilience, promoting constructive debates and exchange of good practices. The project team joins experts with different level of professional academic careers (18 scholars with strong expertise and Ph.D. students) from 5 universities, 2 national and 3 from abroad. The partial research results will be discussed in the academic events of the project (3 workshops, 3 open lectures, 3 roundtables debates and 3 international conferences) and will be presented in international events and disseminated through publication with high visibility.

The website EUFIRE-RE provides information on project activities and events opened to the public. The target group will include about 500 persons (undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students, scholars, researchers, practitioners, representatives of public authorities, members of civil society). EUFIRE-RE is committed to improve the educational experience of the members of the team and members of the target group. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence EUFIRE-RE develops and upgrades the host university research results, in response to present challenges for EU financial resilience and regulation. The project activities are organized both on-line and on-site, focusing of the priorities of the respective event and general context of the research and educational activities.

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