Project team

tofanMihaela TOFAN (chair holder) is a law specialist with specific expertise in European Financial Law. She is associate professor at UAIC since 2013 and teaches and researches in the field of European studies since 2001. She has a cum laude Ph.D. in legal sciences (Law Faculty at University of Bucharest, 2008) and has extensive experience in international teaching. She is a member of the JM Centre of Excellence in European Studies from UAIC, since 2009, and is responsible for the module JM The European Civil Service (September 2010 – August 2013).

Marius-Alin ANDRIES (member) is a young researcher who has conducted research and has been involved in academia since 2006. He has a broad experience in the field of financial intermediation, carrying out research on related issues during his Ph.D. studies and the two postdoctoral stages performed in the country and abroad. His teaching experience at UAIC has an extensive breadth, ranging from Money and Credit, Corporate Banking, Credit Risk Analysis, Microeconomics of Financial Institutions and Research Methods.

Ana Maria BERCU (member) is associate professor at UAIC and has published numerous books and papers, proving her expertise in European studies. Since 2009, she is member of the European Centre of Excellence from the Centre of European Studies. She is responsible for the interdisciplinary module JM The Regional Competitiveness and Human Resource Development (2014-2017) and co-author for the volume European Civil Service and the Career Management of European Civil Servants (2013).

ciguElena CIGU (member) is assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UAIC, since 2013. She researches in the field of European studies, since 2004, and teaches courses on International Business Law and Business Law and seminars on International Business Law, European Union Law, Prejudices and Contractual Remedies, Business Law, Constitutional Law, and Administrative Law Procedure, since 2006. She has experience in international teaching activities (for students in Spain and Lithuania) and has participated in international conferences, seminars and workshops abroad.

Dan LUPU (member) is assistant professor at UAIC since 2015 and a lawyer specialized in business law. He teaches courses and seminars on Business Law, Tax, Public Investment, and European Fund Management. He has experience in international teaching activities and published 2 books, 34 articles and presented 31 papers at international conferences. He participated, as coordinator or member, in 4 research grants and in numerous projects involving European funds.

Mihai-Bogdan PETRISOR (member) is assistant professor at UAIC and has experience in teaching European Law, Finance, Financial Law, Labor Law, and Administrative Law. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, UAIC, in 2005, and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UAIC, in 2003. He completed his doctoral studies in 2011, with doctoral thesis “Public expenditures and their impact on the evolution of society”.

romanAngela ROMAN (member) is associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UAIC. Her main teaching activities concern subjects like banks, monetary policy, financial integration, financing of the SMEs. With over 25 years of academic career, her research activities include the publishing of 16 books and more than 100 articles on different aspects of the EU integration process, in national and international journals. She has been actively involved in organizing 12 international conferences on different European integration topics at UAIC.

Irina BILAN (associate member) is assistant professor at UAIC, where she teaches courses on European Financial and Monetary Integration, Public Finance, International Finance, and Money and Credit. Her research activity focuses on public finance and budgetary policies, money and monetary policies, banking systems. She has attended and presented over 60 papers at national and international conferences and published (as single author or co-author) many research papers in international journals and conference proceedings and several books/book chapters.

Iulian IHNATOV (associate member) is assistant professor at UAIC, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. He teaches Corporate Governance, Research Methods in Finance, Financial Management and Money and Credit courses. His research activity focuses on empirical finance and monetary economics. He (co-)authored research papers published in indexed international journals, indexed proceedings as well as a book.