Expected impact

The project will have a significant impact for the host institution, the teachers and the members of each target group, and also for the citizens interested in the legal framework for the European Union financial relations.

For the host institution, the chair will provide the opportunity to develop the curricula, offering 2 on-going improved courses and 3 new courses (including a summer course) in response to the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students’ demand to gain specialized information on EU financial regulation. Also, the visibility and the reputation in the European studies education at the host institution will expand as some of the courses will be opened each academic year to the students who graduated from others university in the same city/region.

About 1000 students will benefit from the project, both graduates of domains in connection with EU studies and graduates who did not come in contact with specialized information on European studies and/or European integration, mainly from other universities. The first group will gain specialized information concerning European financial regulation, in a field less exploited before in academic research. For the students from other universities, the course will provide high-specialized information, very important in the context of managing the EU funds.

The project has important benefits for all persons interested in the topic, students, academics, researchers in the field of financial regulation and practitioners. Persons interested in the topic have the possibility to attend the events of the chair, discovering a specialized dimension of EU regulation, the financial dimension. The EUFIRE virtual platform and website will ensure wide communication and dissemination of the results.