Research themes

The project addresses the following research themes:

  1. Research theme “EU financial resilience for consumers in digital era” addresses the need to develop financial security of the consumers in digital era, ensuring resilience, stability, and sustainability for the financial services.
  2. The research theme “EU financial resilience for local communities” aims at collecting and analyzing the relevant data, both from practice and in theory, based on the cooperation with different local communities’ authorities, to facilitate productive investigation and comparison of the methods used for digitalization of public administration. Tools/means to optimize the functioning of the local communities and their financial resilience are to be designed.
  3. Research on the topic of “EU banking regulation for financial resilience” observes the EU member states’ banking systems regulation as the channel for facilitating financial resilience and analyses the regulatory framework in this filed for other EU countries/regions.
  4. The research theme “EU resilient taxation: national and global challenges” focuses on activities to identify the regulation and good practices in ruling tax system for resilient and sustainable public spending.
  5. The research on the theme “EU public procurement and public administration financial resilience assesses both regulatory issues and good practices in the EU member states in implementing public procurement regulation for resilient finance of public administration.