EUFIRE is the first Jean Monnet Chair project in legal studies at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. The project will optimize the legal curricula, offering courses in response to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students’ demand to gain specialized information on EU financial law. It will equally promote high performance in research, innovation, and practical expertise, both at national and European level.

The project will offer a precise framework for the courses on EU law, particularly on EU Financial Regulation. The project will enforce the present curricula, proposing new courses, for achieving high expertise on EU financial law. The courses will be opened for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in fields such as legal science, economics, public administration, EU studies and political studies. Also, for each academic year, a course is opened to the graduate students who are not necessarily in contact with specific information on EU law and EU integration.

The project will equally develop specialized research. The 5 research themes of the project (EU Financial Regulation and Financial Stability, EU Financial and Banking Regulation, EU Financial Regulation and Administrative Area, EU Public Spending and Control, EU Tax Law) will lead to normative proposals for deeper integration. The chair holder and the team members will do documentation visits, will participate in international seminars/conferences and will publish papers in volumes/journals, ensuring the dissemination of the research results.

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