The research conducted within the project focuses on five main research themes, as follows:

  1. EU Financial Regulation and Financial Stability (Mihaela TOFAN and Alin Marius ANDRIES)
  2. EU Financial and Banking Regulation (Mihaela TOFAN, Angela ROMAN and Irina BILAN)
  3. EU Financial Regulation and Administrative Area (Mihaela TOFAN and Ana Maria BERCU)
  4. EU Public Spending and Control (Mihaela TOFAN, Mihai-Bogdan PETRISOR and Dan LUPU)
  5. EU Tax Regulation (Mihaela TOFAN and Elena CIGU)

Research papers:

  • Entrepreneurship dynamics in EU. A comparative perspective see here
  • The impact of public expenditures on economic growth: a case study of Central and Eastern European countries see here
  • The concept of termination of right in recent European tax law jurisprudence see here
  • The taxation of the individuals’income in Romanian law: present framework and perspectives see here
  • A view on ECHR caselaw for salary policy in Romanian public sector see here


  • Tofan Mihaela, Drept financiar european (European financial law), Editura Universitatii “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iasi, 2019 see here

Newsletter on European Financial Regulation: